YouTube Strategy

Many companies are using YouTube to create brand channels and reach people around the world, but before your clients start uploading videos ensure you have a solid YouTube strategy in place.

Four strategy tips for creating a successful YouTube channel

There are many advantages to using YouTube: it’s a free platform, you can moderate comments or turn off comments entirely, you can interact with people and you can integrate the YouTube channel into your other social media sites. Here are four tips you can use to create a winning YouTube strategy.

  1. Don’t be afraid to use YouTube as a testing ground. You have complete control over which videos appear on your YouTube channel, so if you want to be experimental and upload several different types of videos, varying in length and catering to different audiences, go for it. You can take them down at any time and it will be interesting to see which types of videos gain the most traction.
  2. Do regular social media searches for your brand. One of the best features of social media is it allows you to listen to the existing conversations, so do a YouTube search for your company and see what people are saying. Consider YouTube an online community and it’s recommended to participate in conversations.
  3. Create a content calendar and stick to it. Don’t just assume that you’ll create and upload new videos when time allows, because chances are you’ll get busy and keep putting it off. Consistency on YouTube is key, so make a detailed calendar of new video content and try your best not to fall behind.
  4. Use an organic, home grown approach and be patient. Don’t expect to amass thousands of followers within a month and remember that YouTube channels build followings over long periods of time.

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