The weather is getting warmer and the holiday season is just around the corner. Summer offers some wonderful opportunities on which any good digital marketing agency can, and should, easily capitalise. There are also some simple principles and ideas you can use to take advantage of these seasonal openings. Here are five marketing ideas that are not only inspired by, but also to give you inspiration for the summer holidays.

‘Tis the Season for Sales

Here, in the southern hemisphere, we have the double benefit of celebrating the festive season in midsummer. This means that your summer marketing campaign can fuse with your Christmas one. Combine gifting ideas with your summer sale and you’re likely to have a winner.

Offer Season-Specific Specials

Whatever your product or service may be, create special offerings that fit with the season. If you’re an online shoe retailer, for example, this is the time to slash the prices on your overstock of flip flops. Pushing heavy winter boots will probably not do you any good; unless, of course, you can make the offer so attractive that consumers will want to buy in preparation for winter, which is only a few months away after all. In this way, season-specific specials could work in either direction. It just depends on whether you’re selling something for immediate use or to store up for the future. If you choose the latter, then the offer needs to be particularly unbeatable and unrepeatable.

Get Involved with Local Communities

It is also the season of giving, so add some charitable activities into your sales efforts. Choose one or two local charities and donate a certain amount of the sale price of each item. Make this donation a prominent part of your advertising campaign. Make it location-specific so that it’s literally and figuratively close to home.

Make Your Marketing Material Season-Specific

Whether you’re going for a festive season theme or a summer one or a combination of both, let your visuals and copy reflect the theme you’ve chosen. Work it into your backgrounds, fonts and your printed materials, if applicable. The fresh, seasonal look can make a substantial difference when it comes to attracting customers. 

Make an Event of It

Whether you host an event yourself or jump on the bandwagon of a seasonal event being run by someone else, you can put a lot of PR and marketing force behind your brand if you participate in something that people can get involved in. The schools have closed, parents have taken leave from work and everyone’s looking for events and activities. It could be a beach party or a sidewalk sale at the nearest mall. Whatever the case, an event is a great way to get your brand out there. It’s especially great if you are used to working in the online realm, to get your brand some real-world exposure.

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