Are you looking to provide your client base with better value? Do you want to stand out in the industry? We have some helpful tips to share with you! As a successful, reputable digital marketing agency, here are 5 important services that you should already be offering your e-commerce clients.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Ah, social media. The online marketing tool that provides e-commerce businesses with direct access to their target market. To ensure that you help your client create a quality digital presence, you should provide them with social media marketing services in the form of community management, post creation and scheduling, as well as paid advertising.

  1. Content Marketing 

Blogs are excellent for generating traffic to your client’ websites. Knowing this, content creation and promotion should form the heart of your digital marketing service packages!

  1. SEO

SEO helps to improve your clients’ rankings and general visibility online, leading to higher chances of increased traffic and conversions. Onsite optimisation and link building, for example, should all be included in the services that you offer.

  1. PPC Advertising

If your clients have the budget, PPC advertising is a great way in which to draw more people to their e-commerce websites. It is the easiest way to get them straight to the top of those Google search results!

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy Creation

The digital marketing strategy will help to tie all the services together to form an all-in-one digital marketing solution. It covers the what’s and the how’s. It makes it simple for you to show your clients what you aim to achieve on their behalf.

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