Looking to advertise your digital marketing franchise online? You can use Google Ads to advertise your digital marketing franchise. Google is able to serve geo-targeted ads. Google AdWords is able to serve ads to your target market. Your potential clients can see your ads on Google. Let us take a look at some tips:

  • Location Settings In Google AdWords 

Would you like to run a successful campaign for your digital marketing franchise? Then it is important to know that your location settings are as essential as your physical location.

  • When you apply geo-targeting – or location targeting – your ad will just be shown to users within a specific location.
  • As you go about creating your campaign, you can set up your location settings in Google AdWords.
  • The majority of PPC campaigns revert to narrowing down by radius. Franchises should narrow down further by zip code. This guarantees that the right traffic goes to the right franchise location.
  • Pick Your Keywords Carefully For Your PPC Campaign

Picking keywords for your PPC campaign must be done with careful consideration.

  • There are the two kinds of keywords you need to think about regarding franchises: general, as well as location-specific.
  • It is necessary to use a research tool to make a list of all the relevant keywords.
  • Which keywords will be relevant to your specific franchise? Moz and SEMRush are two examples of research tools that you could use to find relevant keywords for your franchise.
  • Is A Call-Only Campaign Right For Your Digital Marketing Franchise? 

Are you only looking for people to phone you? Does your franchise require phone leads only? If this is the case, make sure to use a Call-Only Campaign. This campaign shows just on mobile.

Remember the following:

  • Google does provide an AdWords Tracking number that lets you see how many calls were generated by each ad, and also the quality of the call.
  • Track your calls with Call Conversion Tracking.

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