Today’s clients are on the lookout for tips and strategies to gain and maintain an edge within an increasingly competitive market. We all know about SEO, link building and other related strategies for digital marketing, the average client needs you to bring much more to the table.

As digital marketing strategy experts, we offer some useful tips that you can look into to improve your client’s online marketing strategy. Fortify your campaign with these out of the box ideas that will give you the edge you need to stay at the top:

Digital skywriting

If you’re not seeing results promoting your business on Twitter, take the same message offline using a model equivalent to traditional skywriting. This raises awareness especially for local-based businesses, since a digital message can be visible over a 15-mile radius. The next thing you’ll see is a traffic and social engagement boost, which will raise your reputation with Google and improve your position.

Video virality

Take advantage of YouTube and other social media marketing platforms to promote your video content. Ensure they are of high quality, entertaining, short and optimised in order to be visible to search engines. There’s something for everyone with video content and if you get it right, you can see huge traffic and ranking boosts following a video message that went viral.

Staging flash mobs

Flash mobs do two things simultaneously – they garner attention for your business offline and can be recorded and uploaded to social media to give viral video content. Whether it is for a specific promotion or it is to advertise the business in general, flash mobs are in with pop culture and are certainly unique enough to be captivating to your audience.

Creative hashtags

Hashtags are hardly new, but using the Innovative vending solutions for Twitter and Instagram, you can introduce a different angle to your social online strategy. These vending machines allow a customer to share a post under a given hashtag, tagging your business handle and the get free stuff in return. This creates social publicity, which improves your social signals for better ranking.

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