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Millions of people around the world use the Internet to buy products and services and your e-commerce strategy will determine how easy it is for people to purchase from you, how likely customers are to make a repeat purchase and how people feel about your overall brand.

Five tips for improving your e-commerce strategy

E-commerce presents endless opportunities for companies and brands, so take advantage of the online shopping phenomenon and develop a winning e-commerce strategy. Here are five top tips on how to make it happen:

  1. Make the online shopping experience user-oriented. Remember, when shopping online customers can’t physically see or touch your products and that may make it harder to convince them to make a purchase. To compensate for that, offer options such as live chat with a customer representative and make the customer feel fully supported.
  2. Ask your family and friends to test your online business. Have them click around and experience what it’s like to purchase something from your e-commerce site, then ask for feedback. Most importantly, always design a service that you would use yourself. If you can’t speak positively on your own behalf, you can’t expect others to.
  3. Ensure your e-commerce site is mobile friendly. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets to make online purchases, so if your website doesn’t load quickly on an iPhone or it isn’t compatible with an iPad, you’re losing a lot of potential customers.
  4. Integrate your social media accounts and make it easy for people to click through to a product page from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other social network.
  5. Give customers coupons, incentives and discounts. You can build positive brand affinity when you reward customers with a little thank you gift such as a 20% off coupon. Provide them with an incentive to keep coming back.

E-commerce strategies created specifically for your clients

You can set your clients up for success with a smart e-commerce strategy and you can partner with Unibit Solutions to make it happen. To find out more about digital marketing and e-commerce services from Unibit Solutions, please contact us today.

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