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digital audit is simply a study of a company’s digital presence and it includes everything from website content to social media to blogs. A digital audit can be divided into six separate categories: reach, architecture, content, conversion, integration and measurement. 


Reach refers to presence across all digital channels, both paid and organic. There are tools you can use to measure a company’s reach across major search engines and those you can use to measure social media reach through likes, shares, comments, followers, subscribers and more. Reach also includes any e-mail marketing campaigns your clients are running.


To convert visitors into regular customers, the website and all its social media pages should have forms and calls to action. Make it as easy as possible for people to request more information and subscribe.


How well is the website designed? Is it functional? Is it user-friendly? Is it mobile-friendly? Do the graphics load quickly on all devices? Is it easy to navigate? Are the social media channels displayed clearly on the website? These are all questions you should ask when conducting a digital audit. Since so many people now use the Internet with tablets and mobile phones, ensure the website is optimised for these devices and not only for a computer.


Every online presence a company has, from blogs to Twitter pages to Facebook pages to YouTube channels, should flow smoothly. Social media channels should be accessible through the main website and there should always be navigation buttons which allow a visitor to return to the main website.


The website’s content should contain relevant SEO keywords and key phrases throughout, whilst still sounding natural and straightforward. In order to maintain a high position in search engine rankings, fresh content should be uploaded approximately once every week. Develop a content calendar to help you stay organised.


You should measure action, engagement, influence and awareness. There are free metrics tools you can use to gauge a company’s performance.

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