Video Marketing Strategy

Five tips for creating a better video marketing strategy

Video marketing is exploding in popularity and companies are using websites such as Vine, Instagram and YouTube to share videos with the world. In fact, people are more likely to share video and photo content than written content, so having a video marketing strategy for your brand is crucial. Our digital marketing specialists share their top tips for successful video marketing:

  • Before you create any new videos, ask for feedback on existing video content. You can send existing videos to a test audience or ask other staff members to review them. Releasing new video content without knowing how your audiences will receive it is risky, so take the opportunity to gather valuable feedback first.
  • Grab people’s attention in the first few seconds. You have about ten seconds to get someone’s attention and keep it, so the first line of your video should give visitors a reason to keep watching. Give them the information they’re looking for straight away and don’t give them a reason to go elsewhere.
  • Use e-mail gates to capture leads. Your videos have a purpose and that’s to attract and retain customers, so before people can view your video content ask them to enter their e-mail address.
  • Create video episodes rather than standalone videos. You don’t have to jam all of your content into a single video, rather break them up into several videos and market them as episodes. It gives people something to look forward to and they’ll want to stay tuned for the next episode.
  • Act as the casting director for your brand videos. Does the speaker in your current video have an engaging personality, or does he come across as a little bit boring? Don’t feel bad for scrutinising the people who appear in your videos because if they don’t connect with you, chances are they won’t connect with your audiences.

Our digital marketing team develops customised video marketing strategies for you

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