When you are a digital marketing franchise owner, you have the opportunity to migrate completely to digital, if you have not already done so. With the transition to digital comes the chance to reduce your business’s impact on the environment, as you progressively cut down on paper-based deliverables and collaterals, as well as transport-based carbon emissions.  

Digital Migration = Eco-Friendly

Why is this move so important? Businesses and customers across all industries have become very discerning about whom they choose to work with. The environment and climate change are very high on everybody’s agenda and, as a result, businesses that are either extremely eco-friendly or making demonstrable moves towards eliminating their impact on the environment will likely be favoured. 

Of course, an increase in business shouldn’t be your only reason. Reducing the toll your business takes on the environment is simply part of being a good citizen – both corporate and private.  

How Do You Make Your Digital Franchise Eco-Friendly?

The answer is that you increase your eco-friendliness by embracing all the possibilities of digital marketing to their fullest extent. Since none of your marketing deliverables will be in printed formats, you can eliminate the environmental costs of paper and ink usage. Having no physical deliverables also means no carbon emissions because there are no posters, billboards, flyers, etc. to be transported anywhere. 

You can also make all your support functions such as HR, payroll, accounts, etc. paperless. This will truly, completely and finally take you fully digital and help you reach optimal levels of eco-friendliness. 

A digital marketing franchise, when fully realised, cannot help but be eco-friendly, as it cuts out any outputs that draw too heavily on natural resources or cause harmful emissions. Unibit Solutions is a full-service digital solutions company and WSI franchisee. Contact us for more information on WSI’s digital marketing franchise solutions.