Events are a lot of work. Besides the cost and organisation involved in booking a venue and planning the event, you need to make sure that enough people are interested enough to book their spot and attend on the day. Here is how to boost engagement and attendance by promoting your event online:

  • Create A Site For Your Event

If people hear or read about an event that they might be interested in, they will hop onto Google and start researching the event. Make sure you have a website that is dedicated to the event specifically. List everything from dates and times to speakers, directions and ticket costs on this site. It’s also important to make sure the website is mobile friendly and that there is a registration form on the website so that people can book their spots online.

  • Geotargeted Ads On Social Media And Google

If you want to get under the eyes of your target audience, then you need to appear in their news feeds and search results. Promote your event with Facebook ads and Google Ads by using relevant keywords and geotargeting ads to your location.

  • Schedule Social Media Posts

A once off tweet or Facebook post about the event isn’t enough. You need to create hype about the event and provide ongoing information. Use a social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite to create a steady stream of posts on social media and create a hashtag for the event so that other social media users can start tweeting about it as well.

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