Not only is digital talent hard to find, but it is hard to retain. Digital talent can be defined as the ability for employees and businesses to use tools, technology and strategies to share information on the internet and thereby benefit from opportunities in the modern economy.

Given the shifts in business across all industries, there is a change in how companies are thinking about interacting with employees and customers. This requires that every organisation implements some type of digital transformation. As a digital marketing agency, you can’t lag behind your competitors (or your clients!).

The digital marketing sector is growing rapidly and the demand for talent is outpacing supply. Here is what you can do to not only attract great people, but also to make them stay:

  • Pay More Than The Going Rate

As a digital agency owner, your payroll is undoubtedly one of your largest expenses. It can be tempting to recruit graduates or people on a lower pay scale, but they won’t always be able to deliver the results you need. Remember: if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

  • Create An Employer Brand

What do potential employees see when they visit your office for the first time? How does your staff interact with each other, and what is the corporate culture like? Spend time creating an attractive employer brand so that you have a company that people want to join.

  • Offer A Good Benefits Package

People want to know that their employer has their back. Speak to a benefits package consultant to find an affordable mix of benefits that you can offer to your workers. This can include medical aid, a retirement policy, childcare services or other types of benefits.

It is not always possible to find and keep the people you need. Good employees often move on, but this does not mean your business should stand still. Unibit Solutions offers white-collar SEO, mobile marketing, PPC, copywriting and a variety of digital marketing solutions. Contact us for more info today.