To make a success of your digital marketing franchise opportunity and attract the right clients, you will need to understand how to market the agency. Luckily, social media marketing can truly work wonders in this regard – plus it’s simple and affordable. Here’s what you need to know about Facebook ads, their benefits and how to make them work for you:

  • Why Facebook Advertising is More Complex for Franchisees 

Facebook marketing is complicated for franchisees because the marketing activity needs to be managed independently by the franchisees themselves – which can often lead to off-brand messaging and unhappy franchisors! The good news is that, with the right approach, these errors can easily be avoided. Ultimately, the key to success lies in managing to find the balance between local ownership and innovation vs. organizational consistency and efficiency. The franchisee should also not be afraid to approach the franchisor for the following:

  • Advice in terms of developing creative on-brand campaigns and messaging,
  • Input in terms of the franchise’s online marketing best practices, and
  • Infrastructure support.
  • Outsourcing 

One of the simplest ways in which to ensure consistency, as well as the results that you’re hoping to achieve with your locally-targeted marketing efforts, is to outsource your social media marketing to another digital marketing agency with experience in the franchising realm. These experts will make it possible for you to implement an ad strategy with local flexibility and a consistent message in line with your franchisor’s requirements and expectations.

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