Digital Marketing Strategy

How to develop a digital marketing strategy for your clients

There is not a single solution to creating a digital marketing strategy that helps your clients achieve their business goals. In fact, digital marketing strategies will vary greatly depending on the industry, the audiences and the desired outcomes. Use these criteria to determine the best strategy for your clients:

  • Planning and assessing – The first step in this process is to clearly define what your client wants to achieve. Perhaps they are interested in social media optimisation, or perhaps they want to improve their search engine ranking. Both of these are important components of a digital marketing strategy, but clearly defining your goals and understanding what you want to achieve is important.
  • Formulate the messages – This step involves asking questions like “Why should my target customers care about this message?” “What kind of stories am I conveying to my target customers with this message?” “Am I evoking the emotions I want to evoke?” “How do my messages meet the needs of my customers?” “Do my messages accurately represent my products and services?” “What kind of stories do my messages tell about my brand?”
  • Selecting the correct platforms – The platforms you choose should depend on the lifestyle, age and geographic location of the audiences. You’ll need to find out which platforms the audiences favour, how they search for their information and which platforms work well with your campaign.
  • Be consistent and engage – Digital marketing success doesn’t happen overnight and you must manage client expectations and remind them to be patient. Monitor your clients’ marketing efforts by creating an engagement timeline and ensure that the messages are consistently shared across all channels.

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