LinkedIn Strategy

A smart LinkedIn strategy is an essential part of any social media marketing plan. Although some people may not consider LinkedIn to be a popular social network, the fact is that many professionals use it every day for sharing and obtaining information.

Here are five LinkedIn strategies that may be beneficial to your clients.

  1. Use the LinkedIn polls. Take advantage of this feature to ask for opinions on industry news, receive feedback on products and services, gather market research data in real time, gauge interest in special offers, new products and much more. You can open up the poll to everyone who sees it or you can restrict it to connections, but either way you’ll get valuable feedback.
  2. Background checks. You can see more than employment and education history when using LinkedIn to conduct background checks. See to whom people are connected, read testimonials and see who has endorsed them for particular skills.
  3. Scope out the competition. Need to search for a particular company or individual? You can set your profile to anonymous and search LinkedIn’s entire database and see what people are posting.
  4. Use LinkedIn as a sales reinforcement. If your client has a great meeting with a potential buyer and wants to follow up, they can send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. It’s professional and not too personal, yet allows them to stay in contact for business purposes.
  5. Find people who are difficult to locate. Perhaps you lost an important business card or deleted an important e-mail. LinkedIn allows you to search by first name, last name, geographic area, industry and much more and it’s a great tool for finding business contacts.

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