Website Maintenance

Website maintenance can be incredibly time consuming but it’s also an essential task. Your clients’ websites need to be maintained at all times, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, so rather than spending the entirety of your day maintaining various sites you can outsource the work to trusted specialists.

Why you should outsource client website maintenance

Here’s why many people outsource website maintenance:

  • Content needs to be updated frequently, including social media sites. Website content should be updated approximately once a week to avoid becoming static. Regularly updated websites perform better in search engine rankings but many businesses struggle to find the time to constantly update their websites. When you hire a team to handle website maintenance they can ensure fresh content appears regularly and they can also update your client’s social media profiles daily.
  • Digital marketing experts are aware of the newest features and latest technologies. The Internet is ever evolving and ever changing so you need a team who can stay abreast of the changes and who can suggest improvements for each client site.
  • Search engine optimisation and analytics. SEO requires constant updating and analytics tools give valuable insight into website visitors. Discover which parts of a website are performing well, which pages convert the most customers and identify the positive and negative aspects of each page. With a team of professionals handling the SEO and running analytics, your client sites will stay as current as possible.
  • Data backup and security. Your clients won’t have to worry about backing up their data and running regular security checks or virus scans when the work is outsourced to specialists. Keeping company data safe is of the utmost importance.

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