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In today’s digital world a company’s social media presence is of the utmost importance. Millions of people around the world use Facebook, Twitter and Internet search engines to look for information about businesses and the way a brand interacts with people online greatly influences its reputation.

Manage your client’s social media presence with these tips

If you’re managing a client’s social media presence it’s essential to be organised and it’s crucial to engage, so here are our top tips for maintaining a positive social media presence. 

  • Set Google Alerts and be sure to check them every day. Google Alerts deliver results for any keywords or key phrases to your inbox either as it happens or once daily. It allows you to know what other websites are posting about your clients and it keeps you informed about any conversations that are happening.
  • Establish clear rules for what your client does and does not want posted on social media. Every business has its own ideas about what’s appropriate to share on its social media profiles, so set clear boundaries before you begin. This way, you won’t accidentally post something your client feels is inappropriate.
  • Use a social media listening tool to stay abreast of conversations about your client. Tools like Hootsuite and Social Flow provide you with aggregated data from a plethora of social media sites so you can be informed about what people are saying and respond accordingly. Monitoring online conversations about your clients is always recommended.
  • The key to social media success is consistency, so create a content calendar with Facebook posts, Twitter updates, Instagram photos and more. You don’t want your client to be known as a company that neglects its social media presence, so keep the updates coming on a regular basis.

Our digital marketing team can create a customised strategy for you

You can set your clients up for success by managing their social media presence and you can partner with Unibit Solutions to make it happen. To find out more about digital marketing services from Unibit Solutions, please contact us today.

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