Facebook Strategy

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world and if your clients don’t already have a Facebook strategy incorporated into their overall social media marketing strategy, they certainly should.

Why Your Clients Need a Successful Facebook Strategy

Facebook boasts more than 1.35 billion monthly active users and five new Facebook profiles are created every second. The reason Facebook is so valuable for businesses is because so many people use it as a way to ask for recommendations about products and services, search for companies in their area and seek customer service.

The following elements should be incorporated into your client’s Facebook strategy:

  • Be certain that links to the Facebook site (and other social media sites) are clearly visible on the main website. When a visitor arrives at your client’s homepage, they should be able to click through to the Facebook page in a single click. The same goes for X, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others.
  • Include direct links to the Facebook page in the e-mail signature. In addition to the standard contact information such as office phone numbers and mobile phone numbers, you should also include icons that link directly to the respective social networks. Make it as easy as possible for people to access the profiles.
  • Promote the Facebook page in the physical store. If your clients aren’t spreading the word about their Facebook pages in their stores, how are customers supposed to know they exist? Get a display blackboard and give people incentives to “like” the Facebook page.
  • Host giveaways and coupons through the Facebook page. People love giveaways and existing customers will definitely be interested in coupons. You can hold weekly or monthly giveaways and keep a steady stream of coupons coming via the Facebook page.

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