Twitter Strategy

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites in the world and a smart Twitter strategy can help your clients expand their reach, gain new customers and build a strong brand presence.

Ready to revamp your client’s Twitter strategy? Here’s how

Whether your clients have an existing Twitter strategy or you’re creating one from scratch, here are several things to consider:

  • Integrate visual content. Twitter is perfectly suited to visual content like gifs, video clips and images because of its 140-character limit and visual content is often widely shared. Use it to communicate the brand and the brand messages while linking back to video galleries, image galleries and your client’s main website.
  • Evaluate how much time your clients are devoting to their Twitter accounts and decide if it’s sufficient. It’s necessary to monitor social media accounts on a daily basis, but how many hours you devote every day will depend on several factors, such as number of followers, level of activity and more. Companies that provide customer service via Twitter are recommended to monitor their accounts around the clock.
  • Set a goal and use free metrics tools to track it. Perhaps your client wants to get a particular number of leads from Twitter, or perhaps they want to achieve a certain percentage of e-mail sign-ups. Whatever the business goal, there are metrics tools you can use to evaluate the campaign’s performance.
  • Encourage engagement above all else. The engagement factor is a big part of what makes Twitter so popular and people like knowing they can tweet to brands and companies and let their voices be heard.

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