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Social media listening is a crucial part of any social media strategy because a brand’s reputation can be greatly influenced by the way it conducts itself online. Social media listening means knowing what’s being said about your company online as well as who is saying it and there are many tools to make this process as simple as possible.

Four social media listening tools your clients should know about

Rather than typing your brand name into Twitter and searching through a barrage of tweets, then combing through hundreds of comments on Facebook, you can streamline the process and use a social media listening tool to monitor chatter on all social media sites. Here are four of the best social media listening tools available:

  1. Hootsuite – This programme allows you to consolidate and manage all of your social media accounts by organising them in columns. Hootsuite scans social media sites in real time so you can see what people are saying and reply accordingly.
  2. Topsy – Topsy’s main focus is social media and it includes blogs. You can create e-mail alerts or you can run a search once a day to find out what discussions are being had about your company.
  3. Icerocket – This tool specialises in blog searches and you also have the option to include Facebook, Twitter and photo hosting sites like Flickr. It’s completely free, very user-friendly and you don’t have to create an account to use it. Simply download the programme and get started.
  4. Social Mention – You can collect aggregated data across multiple social media sites using Social Mention. It has basic analytics that help you determine if discussions are negative or positive and it’s free to use.

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