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Developing a smart social media strategy isn’t always easy and there isn’t a magic formula that will work for every client, but if you identify desired business outcomes and set clear objectives you can help your clients succeed.

How to develop a smart social media strategy for your clients

Despite the fact every social media marketing plan will be different, there are certain steps your strategies should follow to stay on track.

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Answer the question:

What’s the point? Know why you’re embarking on a social media journey, clarify which messages you want to communicate and identify how you want audiences to perceive you. This helps avoid mixed messages and irregular communication.

Scope out the competition.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with checking out your competitors. In fact, you may be able to gain some inspiration as well as find out what social media tactics did or did not work well for them.

Make a content calendar and stick to it

It’s necessary to be active on social media, so create a content calendar for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and any other social media channels your clients are using. This will ensure you don’t fall behind on posting content and it keeps a steady stream of information flowing.

Use free metrics programmes to measure performance.

There are many free online tools which allow you to monitor and measure the performance of a particular social media campaign or your overall social media strategy. You can identify weaknesses, identify which posts perform very well and strategize about overall improvements.


Social media is all about listening so don’t ignore tweets and comments from people. A large amount of social media users expect customer service to be available via a company’s social media sites and it’s an excellent way to connect with audiences.

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