Social Media Community

Build a thriving social media community with these top tips

In today’s Internet-driven world it’s very important that brands build a strong social media community. Millions of people look for information about companies online and how a company behaves online has a big influence on its reputation. Businesses that have thriving social media communities are perceived as more reliable, more in touch with their customers and easily accessible. Building a social media community isn’t just about acquiring a lot of followers and fans – it’s about listening to peoples’ comments, concerns and questions and providing assistance when needed. Here are our top tips for building a thriving social media community:

  • Get to know your customers. Search through Twitter, Facebook, Google and other sites to find out what people are currently saying about your business. You can join in on the conversation if you’d like and you can build relationships from the ground up.
  • Integrate your social media profiles into your products and services. When visitors are on your website, make it easy for them to follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook page and subscribe to your YouTube channel. Include links to your social media profiles on every page of your website and encourage customers to join your social media community.
  • Use your social media profiles for customer service. It’s much more convenient for people to send a tweet rather than make a phone call and many customers expect to receive customer service via social media.
  • Be patient. Building a social media community doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t be discouraged if there isn’t as much interaction as you’d like.

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