Pay Per Click Services

Few Internet Marketing Consultants have trouble selling Pay Per Click services (PPC) to their clients. The trouble comes in when it comes to administrating, maintaining, continually optimising and reporting on each PPC campaign that you’ve sold.

At Unibit Solutions, we offer a one-stop PPC service. We take a dynamic approach to PPC advertising by customising the campaign to run on the days you want, the time of day and how many people you want to target. We take a hands-on approach and continuously tweak and optimise the campaigns to make sure you or your clients get a good Return On Investment (ROI).

Goal-oriented Pay Per Click Services and Campaigns

When you partner with us for PPC campaign management, you’re getting a team of PPC specialists on your side. We don’t simply stick ads on search engines – you get a landing page written by a professional copywriter, keyword suggestions from skilled PPC campaign managers and intriguing ads created by marketing experts. We also make sure there are goals to track (by adding a form on the landing page for you).

We use specific tools to make sure your PPC ads are converting search engine users and we’ve got the right analytics and reports so that you can show your clients exactly how much their campaign is contributing to their bottom line.

Pay Per Click Strategy

If you’ve already set up PPC campaigns for your clients but are worried they won’t see an ROI, we can analyse your landing pages, suggest the ideal account structure, relook your bidding options, review your PPC ads and suggest ways of improving your overall campaign.

We will also report on your landing pages so that you are able to give your clients all the information they need. Free up your time by partnering with Unibit Solutions for PPC campaign management. A few more benefits of partnering with us:

  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Help with selecting the best keywords
  • Help with writing the most effective PPC ads

We’re here to help you keep on improving your campaigns and to help you free up your time. We also offer PPC training as well as landing page services (where we write persuasive copy and design neat and easy-to-read pages that will convert your potential customers). Explore our Pay Per Click Services to discover how we can optimise your digital advertising efforts.

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