Personal Reputation Management

When you hear the phrase personal reputation management it may conjure up images of celebrity publicists giving statements to the press, but reputation management for businesses and brands is a very important thing. 

Personal reputation management in a digital world

We live in an Internet-driven world where anyone can post anything they wish about a company or a brand, so being proactive and taking steps to protect your reputation is not only a smart business move, it’s essential. So how can digital marketing consultants assist clients with personal reputation management?

  • Set up Google alerts for your clients. This will alert you to any mentioning of your clients in the press and on social media. If someone is posting negative information then it is in your best interest to know about it as soon as possible so you can take steps to remedy the situation.
  • Use social media to field questions, comments and complaints from people. Your client’s social media strategy will intersect with reputation management because many people use social media to ask questions, lodge complaints and ask for advice from companies. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social media channels that people use to interact with brands, so ensure that your clients are devoting time every single day to monitoring their social media accounts and engaging with anyone who contacts them.
  • Use e-mail marketing as a way to address reputation-related issues. If something happens with one of your clients and they need to address it, using a regularly scheduled e-mail is the perfect opportunity to do so. Chances are your clients already send out weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly e-newsletters, so give customers the information they need and make an official statement, which should also be on your website and all social media accounts.

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