You’ve got a great digital marketing strategy, the monthly clients and the recurring income – now you’ve got to make sure you’re providing top notch content that add value to your clients business.

While there are many copywriters, article websites and other ways to generate content, you’ve probably already realized the value of partnering with a team of creatives who have the time to get to know your client’s business and write intriguing, personalized and unique content.

At Unibit Solutions, we’ve got a team of copywriters who have been in the online, journalism and PR industry for years.

Copywriting strategy

Blog Posts

We write about everything from wedding invitations and holiday destinations to trucks, forklifts, engineering and programming. Whether your client is making wine or coaching entrepreneurs, we’ve got the right copywriter for your project


Sure, tweets are only 140 characters, but are you going to write them all yourself? We can create a week, month or even 6 months of Twitter updates for you in advance. Same goes for Facebook updates, LinkedIn posts, blog comments or any other type of short copy that you need

Longer Articles

Blog posts are great, but some of your clients want longer, more in-depth content. Let our team of writers come up with intriguing articles for your clients

Press Releases

Is your client looking to you to provide a complete online marketing solution? Then you need to start distributing press releases that will get picked up by the media and bloggers. We can help you with this

Article Blueprints

If you’ve got your own copywriters but need someone to put an article blueprinogethert so that they’ve got the keywords, meta titles, SEO, headings and topics to write about – we can do this for you. Make sure your copywriters have a clear content creation strategy with article blueprints from Unibit Solutions


Client wants to do an eBook but is not sure where to start. Give us the information and we can write it for you.

Website Copy

Getting the initial website copy together can be one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of a new project. Partner with us to alleviate the problem by getting our team of copywriters to write this for you

SEO copywriting

Need high quality, interesting articles that include all the right keywords (without spamming your readers or making it look like “SEO content”?) Our copywriters can include keyword phrases, locations and other relevant words in a natural way to make sure you’ve got top quality SEO content

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