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Social media publishing may seem straightforward and simple, but each social media network has different nuances and different considerations must be made for each social platform.

Five best practices for social media publishing

For example, the type of content you would post on a client’s Instagram page is entirely different from the type of content you would publish on a client’s LinkedIn page. When creating your client’s social media strategy, consider these five best practices that will help you use social media wisely.

  1. Always provide a “Share” option. This is obvious on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, where a share function is built in, but for a personal blog or the News section of your website, ensure people can share items easily with a single click. Include a call to action such as, “If you enjoyed what you just read, please share with your contacts.”
  2. Establish what’s appropriate for each social networking site. As mentioned earlier, Instagram and LinkedIn use different types of content, so a blanket update using one piece of content is not likely to resonate with audiences. Instead, list each active social media profile and determine what type of content – video, images, text – is best suited to each one.
  3. Be explicitly clear about publishing permissions. If your consultancy is publishing on behalf of your client, you need to specify which staff members have permission to update your client’s social media accounts. Avoid confusion and make the process as smooth as possible.
  4. Make your content mobile-friendly. Millions of people use their smartphones to access social media sites, so if your content isn’t optimised for mobile, you’re missing out on a crucial audience segment.
  5. Don’t forget about nights and weekends. Just because office hours end on Friday doesn’t mean people stop using social media. Schedule social media updates for nights and weekends and decide if someone needs to manage comments and questions from followers during these times.

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