Creating a visible online presence is important for your brand. Many companies rely mainly on social networks to boost their brand and to communicate with their audience. Boosting your presence can also have a positive impact on your business in the future. Here are tips on how you can expand your online presence:

  • Blogging and PR:

Showcasing content on your blog can be an effective method to boost your online presence, for example, you can start contributing to other blogs similar to your brand to immediately generate more traffic to your website. You can also implement your own digital PR strategy to reach out to various media related websites and send them a pitch on your company and brand. They may feature your CEO in an article or write about your company.  You can also write blog posts relating to digital marketing on LinkedIn – broadcasting your brand through the entire corporate world. You can also share it via social media.

  • Keep them glued:

Always come up with fresh and alternative ways to keep your audience up to date with you online, for example, encourage them to write reviews for your agency. Published reviews always catch people’s eye: it shows you have a visible online existence. You need to ensure your brand stays on point with important trends in your industry. Blogging frequently on your website, using fresh content and sharing it via social media will keep them glued.

  • Promote yourself online:

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are making it easier for business to get savvy. Instagram enables businesses to now promote their Instagram pages or website, enabling people to be aware of their brand. Facebook and Twitter allow the same: your Facebook or Twitter page will immediately pop up on a user’s feeds making it easy for them to follow or like your page. Remember to inform your clients about your online presence, indicate what social media tools you use and remind them they can stay in touch with you through these mediums.  You could also invest in PPC (Pay Per click) advertising – it’s a great way to generate traffic to your site and increase awareness.

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