Digital marketing and social media offer a huge opportunity to not only be a brand awareness but also a sales tool for your business. However, social media can also be a huge challenge for those of us who wear multiple hats throughout the day, particularly those who run small businesses or entrepreneurs. 

Here are a few tips and strategies that are going to help entrepreneurs prioritise what’s important in social media so that you can grow your accounts and drive sales starting today.

1.  Commit to Social Media

You have to make a commitment to social media. Social media can be a real challenge, so our top tip to you as entrepreneurs is to make social media a priority for you, your business and your employees. Start off by planning. Create a strategy and set goals so that you know what you will see as a success on social media.

2. Set Goals

Are you looking to boost brand awareness or increase sales? Or, is it somewhere in between? Everything starts and ends with goals. Therefore, setting proper goals based on desired outcomes is the most important thing that you can do. It is very important to develop a social media strategy that aligns with your goals so that you can determine whether your social media program is successful or not.

3. Find out What Your Competitors Are Doing

Before you kick-start a social media strategy, look outside of your business to your peers and competitors. Check out their online strategies and see what’s working for them.

4. Be Authentic

Remember to share who you are as a brand or a business. Social media is where people share content with their friends, connect with family members and can connect with you as a brand. People won’t want to connect with your brand unless you’re sharing things that are human, authentic, engaging and that speak to them on a human level.


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