As a digital marketer, your online presence matters more than you think. While it may seem obvious, you would be surprised to know how many internet marketers neglect their own personal brands and the online reputation of their agency to focus on the daily grind of marketing their clients’ businesses.

Your online presence is almost as important as your client list, your testimonials and your portfolio. When researching different agencies to partner with, clients will immediately type your name into Google and if they aren’t impressed with what you are doing to market your own agency online, they will likely take their business elsewhere. Here are a few things that you should do to make sure that you are creating an impressive online presence for your agency:

  • Comprehensive LinkedIn profiles for key staff members

Your LinkedIn profiles and that of your executive team should be optimised for relevant keyword phrases. It should list your company’s URL and your work experience. Hire a consultant to help you and your team with your LinkedIn presence and make sure that you are actively engaged and sharing content on this site.

  • SEO results

You want to make sure that your website’s pages are ranking high in Google’s search results for everything from PPC and SEO to social media marketing, content marketing, website design and digital strategies. Stay on top of any updates that Google makes to its search algorithms so that you are consistently ranking high in the results pages.

  • Unique and engaging website

Few clients will hire a digital marketing agency for their internet marketing needs if their website looks like something that was launched a decade ago and never gets updated. Make sure your website is an accurate portrayal of the digital skills that you bring to the table.

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