When employees find out they have to take part in a teambuilding activity, they’re usually reluctant because these activities are known to be lame and boring. Here are three teambuilding activities that the staff members at your digital marketing agency will love:

  1. Campfire stories

Your digital marketing agency is filled with creatives and if there’s one thing that creatives are good at (or should be good at), it’s storytelling. Create a setting for campfire type storytelling where people tell stories about workplace interactions, client interactions, lessons learned from past digital marketing campaigns, career highlights as well as failures. This will give staff members to learn a bit more about each other, which creates closeness and empathy among people.

  1. Create a memory wall

If your team members have been working together for a while, then they will undoubtedly have good memories together. Divide your staff into groups and ask them to draw a positive shared memory. You could also ask people to print out photos of happy times they have spent together, such as Year End functions, birthday parties or baby showers that were held at the office. Afterward, bring all the groups together and ask a representative from each group to stand up and explain their drawn story or the collage that they have built.

You can take this teambuilding activity one step further by a suggestion that a designer, painter, graffiti expert, cartoonist or other types of artist transfer these stories into a permanent mural within your office environment. This type of mural will reaffirm the positive relationship between staff members at your digital marketing agency.

  1. Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a high-energy and fun way to get people involved in a group activity. The great thing about a scavenger hunt is that you can make it as chaotic or relaxed as you want. You could opt for a scavenger hunt in your office, suburb, or even on a client’s premises (which works particularly well if you want your team members to become more familiar with a client’s team members and their corporate culture). To put a creative spin on the scavenger hunt, ask each team to take photographic evidence of the items they found and award extra points or a separate trophy to the team with most creative photos.

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