In today’s global economic climate, companies need to differentiate themselves from their competitors in new and unique ways. Here are a few ways to differentiate yourself in the market:

Focus on what you do well

Are you quick at reacting to clients and solving problems? Then make sure your potential clients know this. Tell them that you are always on the ball and offer prompt solutions.

Research your competition

Your competitors are already using differentiators to help their digital marketing agencies thrive. Find out how they are selling to clients by researching what their strengths are. Every business has their own set of strengths but they will also have their own set of weaknesses. Find out if you can take their weaknesses and make them the strengths of your agency so that you can sell against them.

Be real

Don’t portray an inauthentic image just to close more deals. You have to stay true to your business values and the core services that you offer in order to really market your differentiators.


You might have a solid grasp of what your agency’s differentiators are, and your employees and existing clients might be fully aware of your differentiators, but if you aren’t communicating them to the masses then you won’t be able to reel in new clients. Weave your differentiators into your website copy, marketing material and newsletters that you send out so that everyone knows what you have to bring to the table.

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