Although all WSI digital marketing franchises are part of the WSI’s global network, they should each function separately, target their specific markets, and have their own website. If you are a new franchisee or are looking to buy a franchise, and are wondering how you should go about marketing your services, this blog may prove helpful to you. 

You can target your local audience

The beauty of a WSI franchise is that you have a global brand and support structure, but you can focus on your local market. In order to target that market, you need to have a website that promotes your franchise in particular in your specific area. When businesses in your area are looking for digital marketing services, such as B2B marketing or online marketing, they will most likely be searching for someone near to them. With your own website, together with the right SEO practices, your franchise should come as their number one option. 

You can then expand your local reach through social media

Each franchisee should also have its own social media presence. This helps you to engage your audience even better than your website alone. With your social media presence, you can engage better with your local audience. This is more difficult for the corporate marketing team to do, because they don’t necessarily have any knowledge of your specific market and its needs.

You will come up in searches more often

With a dedicated website that brings you up in localised searches, you will obviously get more search engine activity and improved rankings. If the site is set up and optimised correctly, you can also widen the top of your sales funnel by generating traffic you wouldn’t otherwise get. 

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