Hashtags are among the most important social media tools in the online marketing field. Any social media marketer seeking effective B2B marketing needs to know how to use hashtags naturally in the campaign. When promoting your company or brand through Twitter, hashtags are the meat and potatoes of this platform and any campaign that fails to use them effectively is bound to fail.

So, here are the five tips you should keep in mind:

  1. Know your Target Audience

To use hashtags effectively, first know what your target audience is already talking about. For instance, if most of your target clients are preparing to go for a holiday or to celebrate a certain national holiday, you can have a hashtag that reflects their interests while also promoting your brand. For example, your hashtag can be #UnforgettableBeachExperience.

To find out what your target audience is looking for, scour the internet for hashtags used in your field or industry. This is the only way you can tell what the competitor is doing on Twitter and how you can up your game using the best Twitter marketing tactics.

  1. Know how to Write Great Hashtags

Although hashtags are not usually case sensitive, capital letters are preferable for emphasis. Besides, using both caps and lower case letters can also make the hashtag look more professional and clear. For example, a hashtag like, #HappyHolidays looks much better than #happyholidays.

  1. Use Hashtags when Necessary

Do not use hashtags for the sake of matching your campaign to what competitors are doing. Do not use hashtags anywhere, anyhow. Stick to one hashtag for each campaign to avoid causing confusion. The best online marketing practices require that you do not use more than two hashtags on a single tweet.

  1. Use Memorable Hashtags

You should also go for a hashtag that the audience can easily remember. Using hashtags with words or phrases that are hard to spell may confuse Twitter users and end up messing the entire campaign.

  1. Create Unique Hashtags

A unique hashtag will give your campaign a different touch and make it outstanding from the rest. Create distinct hashtags that differentiate your Twitter campaign from the ones used by competing brands or companies. However, complex, incomprehensible statements will ultimately ruin your marketing efforts.

For more insight on the best social media marketing strategy and how to use hashtags, talk to us today.