Creating any new website from scratch is a big job, but creating a successful ecommerce website is even harder. While the best ecommerce websites might look simple and straightforward, the web design strategies behind them have been carefully planned and executed. Here’s what goes into the best ecommerce web design strategies:

A smart navigation strategy

The problem with ecommerce websites is that new products and categories get added over the years and if the navigation strategy wasn’t properly planned, it can become confusing. Web developers and designers adding catalogues, pages and product lines in a haphazard way leads to a confusing website layout where people struggle to find what they are looking for. Many times, digital marketers need to start from scratch and redo the entire navigation strategy to ensure website visitors can always find what they are looking for.

Intelligent content optimisation

Another issue which many ecommerce websites deal with is the fact they don’t have enough unique content. If the client is selling a bunch of similar products, it’s possible the same content, meta titles and meta descriptions were used on each page. Successful web design strategies make the most of the SEO opportunities that many pages on a website offer them and create unique content for each page.

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