Any business owner has experienced the frustration of replying to emails, following up on possible leads, posting on social media, etc. It’s a vital part of running a business, however, marketing admin is something that takes up a lot of time. Time that could most certainly be better used in other areas, such as delivering services or developing exciting new products.

As a digital marketing franchise, we are all about making online marketing easier, more seamless and more successful. The trick is marketing automation, which automates processes such as emails, quotes, follow-ups, and social media posts. This streamlines the digital marketing process to make it quicker, better and more likely to generate successful leads.

Here are just a few ways in which automated marketing can change your business for the better:

  • You Can Respond to Leads More Quickly and Efficiently

The faster you respond, the more likely that prospective clients will be impressed by you, and will choose your services over another company’s. Automated response emails make you appear more efficient and allow you to give clients information about your products or services far more quickly than if you were sending out emails manually. For example, a contact form on your website featuring a strong call to action could be automated to send out specific information to clients, without them having to ask you for details and then having to wait for you to respond.

  • You Can Segment Your Online Marketing for Greater Personalisation

Whether you have different goals for B2B marketing, vs marketing to the public or whether you want to send different emails to various market segments, automated digital marketing provides the ideal solution. You can make use of contact forms that are specific to the different pages of your website, and build email lists for each of these different markets. You can also set social media campaigns to automatically post to the different target market segments. This results in marketing that is more personal and that is tailored specifically to what your different target markets want. And when marketing feels personal to your audience, they are more likely to respond.

  • Automated Follow-Up Emails Turn Cold Leads Hot

Most businesses focus on hot leads, where there is a greater chance of success because the customer is already showing a high level of interest. Leads that have gone cold, however, can be followed up on more easily using marketing automation. Cold leads don’t necessarily mean that the customer has no interest, it may purely be that they are not yet ready to make a commitment and simply need more time. By sending automated emails to these leads, giving more information and reminding them about your services, businesses stand a higher chance of turning leads that have gone cold, into paying customers.

  • Tip: Keep Things Friendly and Not ‘Robotic’

Some businesses may avoid automated marketing, because they fear that their marketing will appear robotic. The trick is to give a great deal of thought to the content and tone of your automated marketing messages. The content needs to be on point, and the overall message should be friendly, personal and not too ‘pushy’ in order to be successful.

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