Gone are the days where you could sell an ‘internet marketing service’ to a client, get paid every month and never have to report on what you’re doing and how it’s impacting on the bottom line.

Today, business owners, CFO’s and marketing managers want solid proof that your digital marketing strategy is effective. This is a good thing, because it forces internet marketers to think strategically about what they are doing and why. Some ways to demonstrate the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts include the following:

Website analytics

While many business owners don’t want to understand the ins and outs of Google Analytics, few of them won’t be impressed when you show them how their website visitors have increased, how much more time they are spending on the site and how many of them are navigating their way to the Contact Us page.

E-mail sign ups

Many businesses don’t sell products online, so you’re basically looking for ways for your client to get in contact with new potential clients. E-mail signs ups (or Whitepaper downloads that request an e-mail address) are a great way to show that your digital marketing campaigns are effective.

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