Determining your digital marketing agency’s target market can set you up for success. You cannot be truly successful by taking a too broad approach, so here is how to determine whom you should be zoning in on:

  • What Is Your Niche?

Many people who start a digital marketing agency come from a specific industry, such as the pharmaceutical industry, the agricultural sector, the construction market, cosmetics, engineering – the list is endless. If you have a lot of experience in a specific market, then you will have an in-depth understanding of the challenges that these business owners face. While it may seem that you are making your target market too narrow, focusing on this type of niche can make you the go-to agency for businesses in this sector.

  • What Is Your Location?

The location of your digital agency can make a massive impact on the types of services you offer. Consider how popular e-commerce specialists with expert translators would be in China compared to a rural town in another country. Tailor your digital agency’s services to those that are needed by the people you will network with and run into in your line of work due to sheer proximity.

  • What Resources Do You Have?

In large cities, it may be easier to find experienced application developers, front-end designers and animators. If you cannot hire these resources in-house but want to offer them as a service, then find a white-collar digital services provider such as Unibit Solutions. The fact that you do not have the skills on your payroll does not mean you cannot offer them to clients.

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