Client retention is a crucial part of your business. As a digital marketer, you need to focus on client retention as much as you are focusing on lead generation.

Keep your employees happy

When your employees are happy and engaged in their jobs, they become brand ambassadors for your business. Happy employees are more inclined to focus on customer satisfaction and be helpful towards your clients, so look inwards when you start considering client retention strategies.

Brag about your clients

Share successful client campaigns or news on your own digital agency’s social media profiles. Retweet insightful articles that they share and boost them to your own following.

Show clients how you are adding value

Your clients can easily login to their social media profiles to see how many followers they have gained or check their website analytics to see how traffic is gained, but they expect this type of feedback from you. Make sure you have great reporting strategies in place so that you can continue to show clients how you are adding value. The easiest way to retain clients is to show them how you are consistently working to improve their business.

Schedule regular in-person meetings

Email, live chat and phone calls will only take you so far. Make sure you are regularly scheduling personal meetings where you can catch up on how their business is doing, make notes of new products, promotions, news or structural changes within their business and ensure that you are on the same page as your client.


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