You need to spend money to make money – that’s how the saying goes. Any marketing expert will tell you that marketing a business takes an investment of time and money. The good news for digital marketing franchises, however, is that online marketing can be tailored to be extremely cost-effective. In fact, many digital marketing techniques require little or no cost whatsoever!

We have a few tips for keeping your digital marketing strategy costs well within your budget:

  • Keep your blog consistently updated

While setting up your website and blog is an investment, maintaining your blog is just a matter of putting in the time. A consistently updated blog looks professional. It is also great for SEO as content that is regularly updated is given higher relevance by Google. You should pay attention to your content marketing when writing your blog, ensuring that you are using relevant keywords while also providing interesting and engaging articles.

  • Use Alternate Keywords for PPC Advertising

When you do your keyword searches for SEO, you’ll find that certain phrases are very popular and thus expensive to use for pay-per-click advertising. Try different variations and combinations of your keywords, and you will likely find that you are able to set up pay-per-click advertising that is more cost effective, while still delivering good results for your SEO.

  • Join in Community Conversations on Facebook

Community groups on Facebook are a wonderful place to promote your digital marketing franchise. Many of these community groups allow local businesses to post about their services, and it is a good place to get involved in conversations with local community members. Remember, your involvement can lead to referrals and recommendations. Additionally, you have a far higher chance of targeting Facebook users that are regularly active on social media.

  • Network, Network, Network!

Try not to see other digital marketing franchises as competitors, but rather as colleagues who can help you to broaden your horizons. Like their pages, comment on their posts, and build an online relationship that will benefit you both in the long term. At its core, social media marketing is all about networking. From Facebook to LinkedIn, social media can help you build a fantastic network for both B2B and consumer marketing. As part of your digital marketing strategy, you should also be focused on creating friendly business connections with others in your industry. This will help you to become well-known amongst your industry peers and it is great for referrals.

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