With so much attention being paid to search engine optimisation, content marketing and social media marketing, it’s easy to downplay the effect of good web design. Digital marketers are often keen to get started with campaigns which can bring new business to their clients’ websites, without considering the effect their web design is having on their strategies.

Your clients’ web design could be holding them back in a number of ways:

Is the website mobile friendly?

In April 2015, Google updated its algorithms so that websites that aren’t mobile friendly get penalised. If your client’s website isn’t mobile friendly and their competitor’s site displays well on smart phones and tablets, then the competitor’s site will rank higher in Google. With all the search traffic coming from mobile devices these days, it makes sense that Google would update its algorithms to reflect this. Make sure your client’s site is mobile friendly or else the site could be working against your marketing efforts.

Is the site easy to navigate?

The website might be selling the best product on the market at the best price, but if website visitors struggle to find what they’re looking for, then you aren’t reeling in the business. Check the website for usability issues to make sure you’re making it easy for website visitors to buy from your client.

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