Because there is just so much competition from other brands, social media marketing can present a lot of challenges when it comes to ensuring consistent growth of followers. While paid advertising is always an option, a digital marketing strategy that encourages organic growth results in the kind of true engagement that makes social media a success.

Choose your platforms wisely

When people think of social media, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are usually the first networks that spring to mind… but social media marketing is way bigger than that. In addition to the top social networks, look into others that resonate uniquely with your client’s industry..

Don’t be a me-former

Any good digital marketing strategy should put the main focus on content that the target market can relate to. Social media posts can be loosely divided into ‘me-formers’ and ‘informers’. Me-formers are all about blatant self promotion while informers share relevant information that followers will actually enjoy or find interesting.

Promote across media

Promote your social media accounts on your website using official ‘follow’ buttons and vice versa. You should also include social media in your email signature, and on any printed material such as business cards, brochures and adverts.

Use the #hashtag 

Hashtags help users to find relevant posts on different topics or themes. Use trending hashtags in your social media posts to reach a wider audience. Creating a memorable hashtag for an online marketing campaign is also a superb way to gain new followers and keep current followers engaged. 

Competitions and giveaways 

Everyone loves free stuff or a chance to win a prize. If your client’s product or service is suitable, consider free goods, discounts or competitions open only to social media followers. While users may initially follow just to get the freebie, if your content is consistently engaging, they will stay with you.

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