Content marketing might be easy to sell thanks to the fact that business owners can easily see the value of running a blog, posting white papers and distributing articles – but it’s not always that easy to execute. There are few things as frustrating as working with a company that just can’t get down to doing the leg work (i.e. copywriting) involved in making the process work.

Here at Unibit Solutions, we take the entire job off your hands by giving you everything you need to drive the project forward. Here’s how we help many digital marketing consultants execute their content marketing strategies for clients:

  1. Research and brainstorming: Firstly, we research your client’s industry, find out what keywords they are targeting and what their competitors are writing about online.
  2. Content calendar creation: We create a content calendar listing monthly topics, specific blog titles and the outline of each blog. Your client will review the content calendar, suggest changes or make suggestions until they are happy.
  3. Blog writing: Our professional copywriters will write the content for you. If the blogs are being posted on their own blog, we’ll write the blogs in the first person and if the blogs are being posted a different site, we will write them so that they link back to your client’s website.
  4. Approval and posting: The written blogs are sent in Word format to the client for approval, after they are 100% happy with the content, we can either post the blogs online for you (or you/the client can post them).

Instead of trying to get business owners to sit down and write weekly blog posts (or try to do this yourself), partner with us to take care of the job for you. Contact us for more information today.

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