Being in the digital marketing space, you know how crucial your clients’ reviews and testimonials are for your digital marketing franchise. Your reputation rests on your clients’ reviews and testimonials. A negative review may not be good for your franchise. Your clients can review your franchise on Google, Facebook or even on your website. Let us explore why your digital marketing franchise needs to have customer reviews and testimonials from your clients:


  • The Necessity Of Online Reviews 


Did you know that online reviews are read by 97% of consumers? That is a very big percentage of people!

  • Reviews are able to improve sales as well as SEO.
  • Positive reviews on Google can assist you in getting more clicks.
  • Customer reviews can result in significantly increased sales.


  • Put Some Serious Effort Into Getting Positive Reviews From Your Clients 


Here are some things you can do for your franchise:

  • Ask clients to leave reviews of the experiences they have had with you.
  • Select the review platforms that you would like your clients to use. Let them know which platforms these are going to be.
  • Be specific about a certain product or service that you want a client to review.
  • Check beforehand if the client was completely happy with a service you offered.
  • Ask your client for a review after he/she has referred another customer to you.


  • What If You Get A Negative Review?

Responding to all your reviews – even negative ones – is essential. If a client gives you a one-star review on Facebook, for instance, make sure to reply thoughtfully in order to resolve matters. Engage with the person and try to solve the issue. If you are able to solve it, you could turn that bad experience around. Do not ignore any bad reviews!

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