If you’re partnering with a client for social media marketing, then you want to make sure they’re getting a lot of value from their efforts. Not only do you want to be able to drive traffic to their websites, but you want them to be able to network with everyone from existing and potential clients, to colleagues and business partners. Here are a few social media marketing mistakes that have cost many internet marketers their clients. Make sure your clients avoid these mistakes:

Not having a social media policy

A social media policy should be your first point of departure when embarking on a social media marketing strategy. Determine who will be posting and when, who will be handling complaints and queries and what happens during a crisis situation.

Not posting regularly

The worst thing your client can do is start a social media strategy and then not post regularly. To ensure the social media strategy doesn’t lose momentum, offer to manage the posting schedule. If you don’t have time to post and manage conversations on a daily basis, outsource this service to a company such as Unibit Solutions to do this for you and provide you with a solid reporting strategy that you can show your client.

Not targeting the right social media channels

If most of your client’s target audience is using Instagram, then you need to make sure they have an Instagram profile and that they’re posting pictures regularly. Similarly, if their clients are using LinkedIn, then you need to ensure their LinkedIn strategy includes becoming a top contributor on LinkedIn. Make sure your clients understand exactly where their clients are spending their time online so that you are using the right profiles.

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