During President Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address in February 2018, he got many people excited about setting South Africa on a path of growth and optimism. One of the standout parts of his speech was how crucial it is to support small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Whether you are a digital marketing franchise owner, a small business owner or an entrepreneur, having the government and the president of the country rallying behind you is overwhelmingly good news. One of the ways that President Ramaphosa will support SME’s and entrepreneurs is through preferential procurement regulations with a new Public Procurement Bill.

This type of preferential procurement can give small business owners and digital marketing franchise owners a bit more leeway. It could help you spend more money on other parts of your business, such as human resource needs, branding, or marketing.

Government is relooking the possibility of free higher education. This may lead to an increase in VAT so that they can avoid going further into debt. This means that SME’s should consider how a possible increase in the VAT could affect their pricing structures.

Digital marketers should also start researching more overseas businesses, because if the Rand remains weak, they may be able to offer their SEO, PPC, content marketing and social media marketing at much better rates than their overseas competitors.

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