Very few people do the research required to get to the real source of information. If you were taking a job offer, consider of how much value it would be to talk to existing employees in order to get a sense of the prevailing attitude of the group. This is exactly the type of approach that you should take when investing in a digital marketing franchise (or any type of franchise for that matter).

Speaking to existing franchisees and asking the right questions can help you spot the holes in a system or pick up on red flags that could cause trouble down the line. While the best advice is to “speak to as many people as possible”, a good sample would be between 5 – 15 people. If possible, try to speak to people who have left the system as well. When speaking to ex-franchise owners, the information you gather will not necessarily be negative, but be sure to probe why they felt the opportunity did not work for them or was no longer working for them.

Some of the topics you should ask existing franchisees about include:

  • The initial training programs that the franchise offers,
  • The initial support that they give you,
  • The ongoing support that franchisees receive,
  • The marketing programs that the franchise offers to help you market the business and brand, and
  • Information about their earnings.

When it comes to earnings, try to establish how quickly a franchise becomes profitable and how much an average franchise, in different locations, makes. This is arguably the question that you need to be the most comfortable with. So, make sure that you are confident with the information you have gathered.

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