It would be great if digital marketers could create quality content and focus on winning business without considering links and page rankings, but unfortunately that’s not how the internet works. Search engine crawlers use links to navigate themselves through the streets of the web and use complex analytics to determine how the pages relate to each other and internet marketers can use this to their advantage.

Link building isn’t the be all and end all of SEO, but it should form an important part of your search engine strategies. Links are basically the democratic opinion poll of the web and the more high quality sites which link to yours, the better. Link building is a challenging skill to master because digital marketers don’t have access to the sophisticated algorithms that search engines use, so we need to use a combination of tried and tested techniques, psychology, sales and content marketing in order to get it right.

In the past, marketers could get their clients’ websites on the first page of Google using black hat SEO techniques (such as buying a number of spam links to a site). This quickly becomes a slippery slope which can have a negative impact on your marketing efforts because Google regularly updates its algorithms in order to penalise these types of practices.

Today, a solid link building strategy takes effort and time. If you’re interested in making sure your clients climb the ranks on search engines and you need a way to get this done that makes sense for you and your client, then partner with Unibit Solutions.