The festive season is here and the new year will be arriving before you know it. So, if you haven’t put a plan in place for your digital marketing agency for the year ahead, you really need to get started. We are happy to offer some step-by-step tips on how to go about it. 

Take Stock

Start by looking back at this year. What went well? What could have been better? What can you take with you and what needs to be left behind? What could you simply do differently? Make comprehensive lists answering these questions and any others you can think of. Celebrate your successes and think about how you can repeat them and improve on them. When it comes to perceived failures, don’t beat yourself up over them, just focus on what you can learn from them.

Set Realistic But Aspirational Goals

Having taken inventory of your past year and worked out what you need to repeat or change in the year ahead, brainstorm and refine goals for the coming year. Do you want to increase your client base? By how much? Do you want to focus on increasing your revenue? Set a definite target either in currency or a percentage. 

Set a Theme for the Coming Year

Having decided on your goals, set a theme for the coming year to narrow your overall focus. Is this your double revenue year or your international expansion year, for example? Think big and give everyone something to aim for.

Now Devise a Plan of Action

You have your theme, you have your goal. Now put definite steps in place as to how you’re going to realise them. On the basis of your inventory, what actions do you need to do differently this year? Aiming to get more clients? What are the actions you are going to take to do that? Make the steps tangible and definite, as well as time bound. Revise your plan every three months or so and change your tactics if necessary.

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