The month of love is here, bringing with it great opportunities for brand engagement. How can you make use of the Valentine’s Day spirit to get the public engaged with the brands your digital marketing franchise is promoting? Here are four tips to get your campaign going.

1. Start by Getting Your Pages All Loved Up

Get your social media pages into the spirit by adding some well-designed Valentine’s Day themed elements. Use clever design and try to be different. People may just overlook the usual hearts and arrows, so throw in new design elements that offer something fresh. Get creative and incorporate your brand identity into the decorations.

2. Get Personal

Social media offers you the opportunity to engage directly and personally with users. You can encourage people to use your platform to post pictures or messages in line with the holiday. You can link to a Valentine’s Day quiz, along with the posting of, discussion and engagement around the results. Generate hashtags and get people writing, ‘selfying’ and posting.

3. Use as Many Platforms as You Can – and Partner With Other Brands

As always, spread your campaign across as many appropriate, available platforms as possible. Look further than the usual platforms like Facebook and Twitter. For example, why not try to see how you could work with a dating website. Also, think about how you can bring other brands into partnership with you for a win-win promotional effort. Consider Starbucks’ partnership with as an example, where the coffee giant enabled couples meeting on the app to plan their first coffee together.

4. Be Irreverent

We all know how eye-rolling and sickly-sweet Valentine’s Day can be. People are unlikely to engage if you are too sappy. Rather, think out of the box. Be funny, be a little irreverent and you will find that people who usually wouldn’t respond to Valentine’s Day marketing will start engaging.

Whether  you already run a digital marketing franchise and are looking to outsource some of your work, or whether you are looking to purchase a franchise that will enable you to work with and promote some great brands by flexing your creative muscle this Valentine’s Day (or any other time of year), contact Unibit Solutions, a proud WSI franchisee.