When it comes to boosting productivity and effectiveness at your digital marketing agency, then incorporating these 5 top lean tips are the way to do it. Here is what you can do to make your teams more efficient:

  • Align creators and executors

In any digital marketing agency, there will be “doers” and “thinkers”.  Both of these functions are important at your agency, but you need to make sure that there isn’t a disconnection between the ideas behind an internet marketing strategy and the execution thereof. Ensure that doers and thinkers aren’t operating in siloes and that there’s an open feedback loop between staff members.

  • Keep the admin work under control

Many digital marketing tasks can be automated, but there will always be a certain amount of ad hoc work coming in. Clients often want to get in contact with different team members throughout the month, get an update on their latest PPC campaign or need ad hoc graphic design and copywriting work done, for example. Make sure that you have set out proper workflow processes and escalation procedures so that the administrative tasks don’t happen haphazardly.

  • Stick to your business structure and model

With the ever evolving digital landscape, it’s always necessary for staff to update their skills so that they are confident in the latest tools, technologies and social media platforms. As a digital marketing agency owner, it’s important that you don’t change roles (and create roles) for each new technology that enters the market. When this happens, you create new roles and hire people for jobs that could be obsolete within a few months or years.

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