Build Lasting Relationships – The Key to Success for Your Digital Marketing Franchise

Without customers, your business would be obsolete. While convincing people to sign up with you for a digital marketing service is the first step, you need to focus on building lasting relationships with your client base if you want your digital marketing franchise to be successful in the long run. But how do you go about doing this? Here are a few ways:

  • Take an Active Interest in Your Client’s Industry

As a digital marketer, you can’t be expected to know the ins-and-outs of every industry. But, you do need to have a good understanding of your client’s goals. To help you keep your finger on the pulse, sign up to relevant industry newsletters. Not only will this help you keep the conversation topics relevant during your next meeting, but it will help you spot internet marketing opportunities that will benefit both you and your client’s businesses.

  • Show Thought Leadership

Your clients expect you to know the latest trends, tools and platforms. Show them that you are proactive by staying updated about all things digital: regularly publish blog posts, whitepapers and host webinars for your clients to read and attend.

  • Establish Cross-Channel Touch Points

You probably meet with your clients face-to-face on a set basis. However, building a lasting relationship means you need to stay in touch in more ways than one. Connect with your clients on LinkedIn, like their company pages on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and drop them an email from time-to-time.

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